Frequently Asked Questions

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These are just a few of the frequently asked questions we receive everyday.

My upstairs is always hotter in the winter & cooler in the summer, but I only have one system. How can I fix this problem without installing a second system for my upstairs?
The answer may be Zone Control. Using Honeywell electronic dampers and installing a Honeywell zone control board with Honeywell digital thermostats, you can regulate temperatures throughout your home so that there are no hot or cold spots, winter or summer. These systems are surprisingly affordable and B. Tucker can usually design and install them in a couple of days.
I have a moisture problem in my home. A moisture barrier was installed in the crawl space but that did not seem to fix the issue. I have no place to put a dehumidifier except in the corner in a room, which only works in the space where you put it. What can I do?
The solution is a central dehumidifier that is installed into your central heating and air conditioning system. We recommend Aprilaire dehumidifiers. They are relatively easy to adapt & service & can be installed in a few hours.
Several members of our family suffer from asthma & allergies. What can we do?
There are many kinds of filters available on the market today. A standard filter made from fiberglass will remove about 40% of the debris that moves through your system. A direct replacement pleated filter will remove about 80% of the debris. A super efficient media filter will remove close to 99% of debris. Ultraviolet light devices can be installed with a media filter to kill bacteria that is not captured by the filter.

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